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Ellisha Newton, M. Ed.

Our President and CJO, Ellisha Newton, M. Ed., is a Builder who specializes in leading and building teams. She leads by example and models high levels of competent, caring, and culturally responsive collaboration. Her goals as a Builder include ensuring all the leaders under her tutelage share our organization’s vision, mission, and core values and give their input. In her 28-year tenure in the field of Education, she has led in the Pre-K-8th Grade classrooms, at the district and campus levels, and in Higher Education. 


All leaders feel:

  • valued, heard, and feel prepared to have critical conversations.

  • assist scholars in seeing themselves as scholars, student leaders, and researchers.


Since 2019, Mrs. Newton has personally and professionally, specifically led women with goals of living their best, most fulfilled lives. These women are practicing self-care daily and striving to be in the best shape of their lives.


Chief Joy Officer

Our Chief Joy Officer injects jubilation in every area and aspect of leadership and models what self-care looks, sounds, and feels like! 


Jubilance is the next level of joy. 

Our Chief Joy Officer embodies the epitome of jubilance.

Our Team.

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Ellisha Newton

President & CJO


Madysyn Bennett

Director of Marketing




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